The “Big Stuff” Really Happens!

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In my last newsletter, I talked about the power of including others in your vision. Only days later, this was completely reinforced for me.

As many of you know, I sing with a philanthropy-based choir called “Resounding Harmony”. This May we’re performing “Sing for the Cure” at the Meyerson in Dallas, and then again in June at Carnegie Hall in NYC. We were still looking for a title sponsor for our Carnegie Hall performance, when one of our members applied for a $25,000 Pepsico grant. The odds were long. Only the top 10 applicants would win the grant money. We were ranked in the 200’s. The choir banded together – committing to win the grant money. All $25,000 would go directly to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and we would have our title sponsor.

To earn the grant, individuals had the opportunity to vote daily. The number of votes would then determine the ranking. Everyone in the choir started emailing their friends and family members to help. We posted on Facebook. A lot. The outpouring of support was phenomenal. We moved up the list – to 188 – to 150. Slowly. Daily. Together. Soon we were in the 20’s. We reinforced our commitment. Then we were 12th. Then 10th. By the time the March 31st deadline arrived, Resounding Harmony was ranked 6th. We won the grant money. $25,000 is going toward the fight against breast cancer and we have our title sponsor. But we couldn’t do it alone.

This is a lesson I find that I have to re-learn often. What I’m finding is that the more people I include, the more extraordinary things I have to share. Fortune multiplies. Try it out.

Oh. And if you love music or you love making a difference in important causes and wish to attend “Sing for the Cure”, go to:

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