An “Intentional” New Year

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The media loves this time of year. From CNN, to People Magazine, we’re inundated with images of the year’s events – the bad stuff of course – because (they say), good stuff doesn’t make for compelling news.

Today, I invite you to refocus your lens a bit, away from Madoff and Tiger, and zoom-in closer to home. Consider what your year in pictures would reveal. As you flip through your mental calendar of 2009, what do you see? Who shared your days? How did you spend your time? What brought you joy? What images come to mind?

When I think back on this year, my mind is overflowing with powerful images. 2009 marks the year that OnStage Leadership was born. More than 100 participants have attended since the pilot in March, and my memories are flooded with images of all participants, shining brightly in the spotlight. The courage, honesty, and passion for leadership I witnessed has left an enduring imprint on all who shared the space, and for certain, on me. I can’t thank those of you who are 2009 graduates enough, for playing such an important role in this extraordinary year.

As you embark on the next decade, imagine yourself a year from now, standing on the edge of 2010, and looking back – your year’s events stretching into the distance. What would you like to see? How do you feel? What are you most proud of? What was the biggest obstacle you faced? How are you changed?

And of course, the biggest question of all……what are you going to DO to ensure that your 2010 is what you envision it to be?

Happy New Year! May this be an “intentionally” extraordinary year for all you!

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©OnStage Leadership, 2009 (re-posted in 2014)

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