Organizations OnStage

We’re different from most training organizations.

We know that. We’re different on purpose.

OnStage Leadership focuses on providing a transformational learning experience every time. We believe that focusing on what we do best, in the way that we do it, makes it possible for us to make a difference in your leaders’ success.

In the course of a single day, your participants will:laughing Cindy

  • Identify how they personally connect to your organization’s purpose (vision, mission, and values)
  • Design an action strategy that is in alignment with that purpose and who they are internally so they can choose the right actions to get powerful results – and stop simply reacting to the world around them
  • Gain awareness around how they are showing up as a leader and what they’re doing that is getting in the way of getting the results they want and your organization needs
  • Explore new ways to manage stress, get focused, and prepare for consistently high performance
  • Understand their strengths and learn to leverage them, as well as be able to communicate their value to the people that matter
  • Build confidence
  • Craft a compelling presentation
  • Experience themselves presenting powerfully, using tools that allow them to replicate their powerful performance
  • Learn to lead so the people they need to follow will want to follow

…not bad for a single day’s investment!

For small and medium-sized, purpose-driven, people-focused organizations (or organizations that aspire to be more purpose-driven and people centered) that are committed to developing extraordinary leaders for extraordinary results we offer two unique options:

engaged vidyaPartnerships: We’re in it for the long-run with you, which is why our partnerships unfold over time.  Rather than sending a group to a quick one-day program and have the learning dissipate from your culture, we make it possible for lasting conversations to take place, one-leader-at-a-time, over the course of a year.  By offering regularly-scheduled open enrollment sessions in both NYC and Dallas, we make it possible for your leaders to learn from others in an intimate setting. Individuals from corporate, non-profit, government, education, small business, freelance, and leaders in transition, share this full-day, experiential program.  By stepping out of the familiarity of their normal work environment, participants expand their thinking, gain self-awareness, explore best leadership practices, and work together to build a strategy for individual success. Our Partnership option, allows for organizations to secure a fixed number of spaces in our open enrollment sessions at a discounted rate. Partnerships require a commitment for 10 + participants (one or more to attend different sessions throughout the year).   For best results, we strongly recommend that participants who work with one another attend different sessions. This option is perfect for organizations that wish to:

  • Develop leaders with the ability to powerfully shape a leadership message that maximizes understanding and sparks a fire in the hearts of others
  • Develop high-potential leaders
  • Provide an alternative to costly coaching for individual development
  • Provide post-annual-review development opportunities for individuals
  • Re-energize current leadership
  • Strengthen communication/presentation skills for specific leaders
  • Help managers who are facing low moral and engagement on their teams
  • Reward high performers

peggy_spotlightInternal Programs: For small and medium-sized, purpose-driven, people-focused organizations who wish to offer OnStage Leadership internally, we can either make special arrangements for a private session to be held in the facilities we use in Dallas or NYC, or make arrangements to come to you. Due to OnStage Leadership’s unique logistical requirements, we will work closely with you to ensure that all of the elements that make our experience so powerful can be met. For best results, participants attending OnStage Leadership should represent different departments, or come from different locations. It is not recommended to have participants from the same team, or participants with a reporting relationship, attend together.

This option is perfect for organizations who wish to:

  • Ensure that your leaders’ actions are consistently congruent with your organization’s values and purpose
  • Maintain your purpose and values as your organization scales to meet demand
  • Break-down silos
  • Infuse a common language around driving constructive purposeful action
  • Build and/or maintain a purpose-driven, people-focused culture
  • Become an organization that attracts and retains the best and the brightest

We offer special pricing for non-profits, education, and government. Please contact us for more information.