New! Presentation Skills

Presenting to Connectronnie_spotlight2

Length:  2.5 hours

Whether you’re a senior leader presenting to your company, a team lead presenting to your team, if you’re in sales presenting to clients, or have to speak at a conference, fundraising event, or simply give a toast a wedding – the whole point of presenting is to really connect with your audience.  Unfortunately, many of us get in our own way of connecting as powerfully as we can.  Unlock the mysteries of powerful presenting and experience yourself taking the stage more confidently and powerfully.  Learn to present to connect – so  when you speak, people listen!

In just 2.5 hours, you will:

  • Gain awareness around how you are personally showing up as a presenter and what you’re doing that is getting in the way of achieving the results you want
  • Explore new ways to manage stress and anxiety for consistently powerful presentations
  • Build confidence
  • Learn how to connect to the hearts and minds of your audience and stir them to action
  • Change the way you experience presenting and unleash the impact you want to have!

Every session includes individual coaching and is limited to 20 participants.


What are people getting out of working with OnStage to improve their Presentation Skills?

If you ever want to call in the best to help you get ready … please don’t hesitate to get a hold of my coach,  Kimberly Davis.  I worked with her and grew leaps and bounds … she also was the one who came in and gave a quick coach up to me and my Medical Director prior to our national conference and we received a 9.6 out of 10 from 400 attendees at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  I owe a great deal of that audience reception to her coaching.

- Steve Harris, Vice President, Lockton Companies, Dallas, TX


Working with Kimberly made my speaking engagements more interesting, focused and impactful. It came perfectly timed at a point where I was doing one speaking engagement a week for a month. Not only did it help me articulate better, feel more comfortable but helped me to sincerely promote my life passion and convey my intentions for the attendees in a way that lead to sales leads, new friends and great connections with people.

- Tracey Nolte, UX Practice Area Lead, Slalom Consulting and WITI (Women in Technology Int’l) Dallas Regional Director, TX


Kimberly made an amazing impact on my awareness of who I am and what I can do. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone wanting to improve their presentation skills and confidence.

- Ken Hill, Senior Operations Engineer at Pioneer Natural Resources Company, Dallas, TX


I was told by two others that working with Kimberly would be life changing – it was!  Now I feel more confident speaking before a group and delivering presentations.

- April Geron, Director of Sales at ApproachIT, Inc., and former Regional Director of WITI (Women in Technology Int’l) Dallas, TX


This laid the foundation for me to be a more effective communicator.  I will consistently use what I learned, in and away from work, to effectively lead.

- Darin Reeves, IT Manager, Experian, Dallas, TX


I’ve always enjoyed and done well with presentations.  But this taught me a lot, rounded out the rough edges (perhaps many).  Kimberly took us to the edge – safely and with confidence

- Steve Mullen, Senior Marketing Executive and Executive Consultant, Executives in Action, Dallas, TX


I am one of those people who would rather jump off a fifty story building than speak publicly, but Kimberly has a wonderful way of moving people out of their comfort zones while maintaining a safe and non-threatening environment at the same time.  Working with Kimberly gave me the confidence I needed to stand in front of an audience and be real with myself and with them.

- Jennifer Null, Owner, Zensa Marketing, Dallas, TX


I found working with Kimberly to be a totally unique experience. No one could leave and not feel like they improved. Kimberly has a energetic style and presentation that is both insightful and enjoyable. I could see that everyone improved their “stage” presence and thinking.

- Dennis McTighe, Vice President, Sales – National Accounts, Home Entertainment at LG Electronics, Dallas, TX


Being pushed to see myself through the eyes of others was just what I needed to improve my “game”.

- Walter Guess, Implementation Manager at SourceCorp, Dallas, TX


Working with Kimberly helped me gain self-belief, courage, and confidence and provided me skills for presentations. Kimberly is so good and connected to each person. She knows everyone’s needs and works towards those.

- Arif Rahman, Oracle Specialist, Hudson Advisors, Dallas, TX


This made me be aware of my impact on others and was a confidence builder in my interpersonal skills.

-Terri Murphy, HR Manager, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX


I will be a more powerful speaker with more composure and purpose. I learned invaluable techniques for being stage ready in all speaking situations ranging from one on one meetings to groups of 100.

- Ylka Van Bemmel Reiss, Community Engagement and Social Responsibility Professional, San Francisco Bay Area


I left my fear of public speaking at the theatre!

- Michele LaFortune, Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams, Dallas, TX


Kimberly, you CONNECT! I am a better me now! You allowed for the creation of a “safe space”, and worked with all of us providing clear coaching and positive feedback. Refreshing!

- Caren, Sales Manager, for a Fortune 35 Pharmaceutical Company, Philadelphia, PA


Being aware of yourself and reactions while presenting and connecting with people.  I am more aware of my presence in groups and while speaking/presenting.

- Leigh Myer, Associate, Fahrenheit 212, NYC


I learned I need to get out of my comfort zone more so I can decrease anxiety when speaking.  Kimberly has an amazing passion for the content. She connects in an authentic way.  I walked away with a better understanding of how I can connect in a more meaningful way.

- Cindy Knight, Accounts and Project Management, Kendeo LLC., NYC


Thank you so much for extending me the invitation to attend your workshop!  You bring a wonderful, authentic style that is infectious.  I suspect you have heard this before, but in reflecting on the day I think I learned as much from your personal presence (e.g. how you interact, connect, provide a safe space for dialogue) as I did from the material itself.  I am a visual/kinesthetic learner, so that’s no surprise!


- Ronnie Battista, UX Practice Area Lead, Slalom Consulting, NYC



OnStage brought awareness into my presentation style and ease in my delivery. I learned how to leverage connection to create energy for myself that I could in turn use to connect to a larger audience.


- Faye Outar, Senior Regulatory Analyst, National Grid, NYC