Executive Presence

For purpose-driven, people-focused organizations (or organizations that aspire to be…), that wish to infuse the powerful concepts and conversations that take place during OnStage Leadership into your culture but need a more standard training approach, we have developed Executive Presence.

Executive Presence is designed to work internally for groups of up to 25 participants and tailored to meet your training objectives.  Ideal for emerging leaders or individuals new to a senior leadership role. (Please note:  for managers, supervisors, individual contributors, team leads, please see Authentic Influence).

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the evolution of leadership and identify a contemporary leader’s truest source of power
  • Learn to focus attention for more powerful communication
  • Identify new ways to manage stress, get focused, overcome stage fright and communication anxiety, and prepare for consistently high performance
  • Explore how to lead and present authentically and powerfully to stir others to action

(4 – 8 hours, based on group size and client needs)

Contact us for more information and pricing.

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