Authentic Influence

engaged andrew2Nothing happens without the ability to influence action through effective leadership communication.  How leaders “show-up” with the people in their organizations can make the difference between success and failure.  In today’s environment organizations need leaders who can communicate authentically and powerfully to constructively get results.

Authentic Influence provides purpose-driven, people-focused organizations (or organizations that aspire to be…), the same rich concepts and conversations that take place during OnStage Leadership through a more standard training approach.

Designed to work internally for groups of up to 25 participants and tailored to meet your training objectives.   Perfect for managers, supervisors, team leads, and anyone with direct reports. (Please note:  for groups consisting primarily of emerging leaders or individuals new to a senior leadership role, please see Executive Presence).

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss why authenticity is critical to influence in today’s business environment
  • Identify the three areas within our control that must be activated in order to authentically influence
  • Understand how to develop oneself to become more influential
  • Discuss the foundation of understanding that must be laid before influence can flourish
  • Explore tactical ways to gain buy-in, attract the resources needed, and build a strategy for success.

(3 – 6 hours, based on group size and client needs)

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